The Avian & Exotic laboratory was assembled specifically to handle the needs of an exotic animal hospital. Our equipment was selected based on speed and accuracy in handling exotics samples. We process samples rapidly, often within minutes, and produce accurate results crucial to a quick diagnosis and appropriate therapy. When dealing with sick patients, obtaining results immediately can determine the difference between success and failure.
Fancy equipment is useless without trained professionals to read and interpret the results. The technicians at Avian & Exotic are extraordinarily skilled in generating consistent and dependable results. Dr. Harris, using his own extensive knowledge of avian and exotic laboratory medicine, assimilates and utilizes this valuable information in making a diagnosis, determining a patient's prognosis, and formulating a treatment plan.
A key instrument in the laboratory is an Olympus compound microscope with high quality optics. This instrument is used for reading several different types of samples including blood, skin scrapings, fluid cytology, and feces. Various stains or dyes are required to prepare the slides before placement under the microscope lens.
Comprehensive biochemistry analysis is performed on the amazing Abaxis VS-2 analyzer, rendering consistent and reliable results. What makes it so amazing is that fact that it can provide a wealth of critical information, like no other, on TWO DROPS of patient blood. This gives us valuable information on liver and kidney function, electrolyte balance, mineral composition, and other data on metabolic function, even on patients as small as budgies and finches. No other unit in the veterinary profession is capable of that.
Bacterial and fungal cultures are performed in a commercial licensed-for-humans lab, utilizing a special incubator and an array of microbial medias to grow and identify organisms and determine antibiotic sensitivities.
Additional specialized testing, including tests for certain infectious diseases or disease syndromes, is performed by sending samples to various exotic animal laboratories across the United States.
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